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What Our Clients Say...

John Blair, Bella Vista, Arkansas

Mr. Crisp, a tip-of-the hat to you. I thoroughly enjoyed you presentation “Midge Fishing Techniques and Missouri Trout Opportunities at the recent Sow Bug Roundup in Mt. Home, Arkansas. It is by far the best presentation I have attended in 30 years on the subject of fly fishing. You imparted a wealth of fly fishing information in a well organized delivery. Your visual graphics were superb.

Also, I just went to your web site. It is fantastic, especially the tips and tactics. It is obvious you know fly fishing backwards and forwards.

Carolyn Hellmuth, Sowbug Roundup Programs Chairman

Norm Crisp gave a presentation at the Sowbug Roundup 2009, for the North Arkansas Fly Fishers. Attendees were from all over the United States and all skill levels. The audience liked his clear, down to earth presentation. His vast knowledge in how water flows and how fish respond to that water flow, the environment and flies, was clearly conveyed in ways that any level of fly fisher could understand. He helped them take technical knowledge and apply it to the fishing situation. The audience felt at ease asking questions and comments like, "He thinks like a fish and it all makes sense" were noted from the audience.

From an organizational point of view, there could not have been an easier presenter. He was on time, had all his own video equipment and set it all up himself. He needed nothing provided other than the meeting room and captivated the audience. We would definitely have him return to Sowbug anytime.

Niki Christopher

"Norm Crisp's presentations are a refreshing change from the hyperbole that characterizes so many fly fishing talks we hear. He's an experienced guide who is willing to share his wisdom gained from a lifetime on the water, but also willing to teach you how to fish successfully without a guide. Norm shows enthusiasm for his subject without being preachy or self-congratulating, and honestly chronicles his successes as well as his struggles with fishing new waters or not knowing the local language--struggles we all can identify with. He's a down-to-earth, experienced traveler who offers lots of practical, useful information in a well-organized format about fishing everywhere from local waters to exotic locations. Rather than attempting to dazzle the audience with his achievements, he simply demonstrates his expertise while convincing us that we could do what he does, if we'd just get out there and do it."

Brad Hirni, Kansas City

"Norm’s session on Identifying Insects and Nymph Fly Fishing Techniques was excellent. Being a professional speaker myself I recognize speaking talent when I see it. Norn has the gift of putting difficult concepts into simple layman’s terms and combines it with a wonderful sense of humor. He also has a knack for involving the audience in the topic without imposing on anyone. I eagerly look forward to hearing him speak again."

Jim Washabaugh, Jefferson City, Missouri

" Norm Crisp is not only an expert fly fisher, he is also a gifted communicator and teacher.  On a number of occasions, our Trout Unlimited chapter in Columbia, Missouri has had the privilege of featuring him as the speaker at our meetings.  Norm’s presentations are always entertaining, informative, and well received by all our members.  If your group is looking for a speaker, I highly recommend Norm Crisp.  He is excellent, and definitely lives up to his reputation as “The Wiz”!  I personally try to hear him speak every chance I get."

Herman Broders, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation at Brittish FlyFair. Your common sense approach to preparing for a trip was excellent. The two things that really hit home with me were clearly defining what my expectations are for the trip and your tips for finding good dependable local information."

Karen G, Guadeloupe River Chapter - TU

"Hey Georgii and Norm, just had to drop you a note. I was at Kanz on Friday-using everything Norm talked about at the meeting and I had the best day. I think your strategies were great-you need to write a book-seriously, unless you already have? I would buy a bunch. I learned things I never really thought about.

Thanks for all the good info. I heard nothing but good reports from many of our members. I even ran in one of them at the grocery store and all he talked about was your information and how great it was.

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