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Affordable Fly Fishing in Mongolia

Mongolia is a vast and remote country nearly the size of Alaska.  Like Alaska just getting around, not to mention finding places to fish, is virtually impossible.  So how are you going to have a chance to find and hook into a Taimen at a price you can afford?

Trout Stream in MongoliaSTREAM SIDE ADVENTURES has been a pioneer in developing affordable fly fishing trips to some of the world’s most desirable fishing locations.  Our Chile on the Cheap and Wyoming CutSlam Adventures are prime examples.  This past September, with the help of New Milestone Tours, we spent time finding, exploring, and fishing pristine and underutilized area of northeast Mongolia.  The decision to organizing budget trips, in partnership with New Milestone Tours, was a “No-brainer” conclusion.

Flyfishing in MongoliaStarting in September of 2013 we will be offering an affordable opportunity to fish and visit this special area.  While Taimen is the fish everyone is after – who wouldn’t want to catch a meter long Salmonid – the rivers of this area, besides having good Taimen populations, team with Lenok and Grayling.   The fishing will be nonstop.  These trips will be “expedition” type trips.  While we will have a Ger base camp complete with shower facilities, we will also be horse trekking and camping in locations ever too remote for our study and dependable Russian made 4 wheel drive vans.   Imagine the memory of being the first person to have ever cast a fly into a breath taking river!

Final trip dates will be finalized in the spring.  But don’t wait too long to let us know about your interest.  In capitol letters mark September 2013 of your calendar with MONGOLIA.

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