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Missouri Fly Fishing on the Current River

The Current River, located south of Salem, begins its journey at the springs of Montauck State Park. Along its course it passes through forested, steep-sided Ozark valleys complete with magnificent bluffs and small gravel bars.

Missouri Fly Fishing  on the Current RiverThe cold, clear water provides a home to both rainbow and brown trout. The Current’s rainbows include wild stream breed beauties and stockers from both Montauck and the area near Akers Ferry. The area between Montauck and Cedar Grove is managed for brown trout. Each year the Missouri Department of Conservation conducts a "spring planting" of brown trout to ensure that the Current River remains a high-quality trout fishing stream. Over the past 3 years this area has averaged about one trout every 70 feet and nearly 20% of these are classified as trophy size.

The trout fishing portion of the Current River is part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways. The entire area is available for public use, but without a canoe or knowing the special back roads that lead close to the river, finding solitary fishing can be hard. Fish these areas and enjoy a day of unmatched fly fishing and serenity as people the world over are learning.

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