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Fly Fishing in Chile - 2010

Fly Fishing in Chile, 2010This season’s trip to Chile forced us to be a bit more adventurous and resourceful.  Patagonia had a cold and wet spring and that pattern continued into our portion of the summer.  I now know how to say “cold, rain and wind” in Spanish.  Most days it was two out of the three of these.  Luckily it was all three only a couple of times.

The rains made the major floating rivers, the Simpson and the Manihuales to high and off colored for the lodges to take their out on.  Without these standard rivers they were forced to move to the smaller walk/wad rivers we fish.  On several occasions we arrived at one of our rivers only to find that the lodges had beaten us to them.   It turned out to be a blessing.

Fly Fishing in Chile, 2010It is easy to get comfortable sticking to a few rivers you know well.  Why expand your repertoire if you don’t have to?   The high water associated with the rains turned out to be a blessing for us.  We added four new locations to our list of great fishing rivers.

We identified few more rivers but didn’t have time to fish them.  Wait until next year!

To read my reports from Chile, visit my Facebook page and scroll down to my posts in late January. For scenes from my Chile adventure, visit my photo galleries:

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