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2008 News Archives - Streamside Adventures

New Addition to Norm's Life List. During one of his trips to Montana this past summer, Norm Crisp added a new species to his life list of trout and salmon caught on a fly from their native range. The new addition - Artic Grayling.

New "Tip & Technique" - Improving Your Dry Fly Fishing. Foam is your friend. Besides telling you how the stream is flowing, the foam line will also tell you how good or bad your drift is. Read this article and other fly fishing tips and techniques from Norm Crisp...

New Fly Fishing Slideshow - Wyoming 2008. This new photo journal includes 48 pictures from our Wyoming fly fishing adventures during the summer of 2008.

New Flyfishing Video - Line Management: Controlling your line while fishing on a stream is much different than line management when practicing - or even fishing on a pond. Learn the best line management techniques for stream fishing to make sure you can set the hook - and catch the fish. View all of Norm's instructive videos...

New Flyfishing Video - Playing Fish: What are you going to do with a fish once he takes the fly? You should plan in advance to make sure that once you have the fish on your line, you can land it. Learn from Norm how to play your fish for best results. View all of Norm's instructive videos...

New Seminar - Chile on the Cheap: To a fly fisherman, Chile is the Shangri-La of the trout fishing world. If the cost of spending $700.00 a day scares you, how about just spending about $100.00 a day and still having great fishing? Book one of Norm's seminars today...

Norm Crisp to make presentation at Federation of Fly Fishers National Conclave. Norm Crisp has been asked to present his seminar " Fly Fishing Strategies" at this summers Federation of Fly Fishers National Conclave being held July 23rd through the 26th in Whitefish, Montana. Norm is one of only 12 speakers asked to make presentations at the Conclave. Norm's presentation will be at 10:00 am on July 25th. You will find an overview of this program on our website.

New "Tip & Technique" - Stream Flow And Fly Fishing: How A Stream Gage Works Stream flow is an important consideration to the fly fisherman. We here in the US are very lucky to have a wide ranging system of “stream gages” to measure the flow of water around the country.

Fly Fishing Chile - On My Own. Norm Crisp gives his account of his week spent fly fishing the central Patagonia area of Chile on his own. Norm's experience and recommendations may make you re-think the idea of spending nearly $700 dollars a day when you can do it for under $100 without sacrificing good fishing. (Read more)

Chilean Wines. Read about Norm Crisp's visit to two of Chile's premier small wineries, Antiyal and De Martino, and his discovery of the wine variety Carmenere. (Read more)

New "Tip & Technique" - Snow Water and Predicting When to Take Your Trip If you are planning your summer fly fishing trip, Norm's information on finding and understanding snow water levels can make the difference between a great fishing trip and just another fishing trip.

California Heritage Trout Callenge.
We are happy to announce that Norm Crisp and Duane Brandt of Stream Side Adventures were recently honored by the California Game and Fish Commission with a certificate for completing the California Heritage Trout Challenge. (Read more)

Norm's Life List of Trout and Salmon.
Completing the California Heritage Trout Challenge got Norm thinking about his Life List of salmon and trout caught on a fly from their native range. Check out Norm’s list...

New Fly Fishing Video Now Available.
Watch our latest fly fishing techniques video, "Fly Fishing with Insects", and learn from Norm Crisp how to effectively "match the hatch" when fishing with dry flies and nymphs. (Watch the video...)

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