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Missouri Wild Trout by Stream Side Adventures

Stream Side Adventures New Program - Missouri Wild Trout

STREAM SIDE ADVENTURES recently announced that they are launching a new program in the Spring of 2011.  This program, "Missouri Wild Trout", is intended to recognize anglers who pursue and catch Missouri’s wild rainbow trout.

Missouri only has 8 streams, totaling about 50 miles, managed for wild, naturally reproducing Rainbow Trout.  While many anglers are familiar with the trout fishing in Missouri’s four trout parks and Lake Taneycomo, most are unaware of the wild trout streams and the joy of catching wild stream-bred rainbow trout.

Beginning March 1st, STREAM SIDE ADVENTURES will award anglers who catch a wild rainbow trout from any 5 of 8 trout streams, using fly fishing techniques. Recipients will receive a Certificate of Recognition and be recognized on STREAM SIDE ADVENTURES web site.

The 8 streams and wild rainbows living in them are unique.  Most were first stocked over a hundred years ago and went un-managed for years.  The wild rainbows survived through drought cycles, agricultural development and logging.  As old threats and new issues continue to threaten their existence, the wild rainbows need champions and a dedicated constituency for long term health.
 STREAM SIDE ADVENTRUES believes a program, such as a “Certificate of Recognition,” will bring attention to these special Missouri trout fishing opportunities and foster a sense of ownership by Missouri trout anglers.

For more information about this program, including rules and requirements for this program, please contact Stream Side Adventures by email or by calling us at 913-645-1994.

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