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Fly Fishing Rods - Norm's Recommendations

If you stick with fly fishing very long, you will accumulate a selection of rods for different fishing conditions. But what should you get as your first rod? The answer, like the answer to many questions that seem to plague us, is, "it depends...". It depends on what you're fishing for, what type of fishing you want to do, and what type of water you plan to fish in.

You probably arrived on this page because you took the time to go through Norm's "decision table" on his "Your First Fly Rod" page. If you just happened to stumble on this page by accident, you may want to visit Norm's Recommendations for Fly Rods that includes his recommendations for fly rods under all fishing conditions...

Need a new reel to go with your new rod? See Norm's recommendations for reels...

Fly Rods Primarily for Nymphing on Larger Rivers and Tailwaters

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Norm Recommends...

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