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November 4, 2014 Mailing from Streamside Adventures

Streamside Adventures
Streamside Adventures
                                                  2015 CHILE ADVENTURE

STREAM SIDE ADVENTURES' 2015 Chile season was another fly fishing success story. As always we caught more than our share of quality fish, and we did it on streams that are only fished by the local Chileans. The weather was a bit variable this season - hot then cool and damp. But our 10 years of experience gave us the knowledge to check different weather stations and always find good fishing. One of the highlights of the season was fishing a new location. We had been told about this spot two years ago by my Dutch fishing companion Gerlof Van de Berg. All our clients who fished there want to give Gerlof a big thank you!  Take a look at our pictures from this season and seasons past to see what a special fly fishing adventures STREAM SIDE ADVENTURES provides. 



Streamside Adventures  


 Our host Juan, with Ethan's help, out did himself on the spit roasted lamb.

Streamside Adventures

For those of you who have been thinking and dreaming about fishing with us in Patagonia, don't put it off!  We had to turn away a couple of groups this season.  The exact dates of our 2016 season will be set this summer but if you send us your possible dates now we will put you on our priority list.  First in time - first in line.

It only happens every 13 or 17 years and 2015 will be one of those years.  The 17 year Cicadas will be making their return to the Missouri Ozarks in late May into early June.  Miss it and you can kick yourself for the next nine years - when the 13 year brood returns. 

Streamside Adventures

Our success fishing the Cicada hatch on Missouri's wild trout streams was unbelievable.  Flop a big foam Cicada patten down along the bank or under a tree and be ready.  We knew there were some big rainbows in those special streams but until we fished the 2011 Cicada brood we didn't know how many there were.  Read our blog about our 2011 Cicada adventures, see some pictures and decide for yourself.

We expect the prime time to start about the 1st of June.  Once they are gone it will be a long long time until you can do it again.  Call 913 -645-1994 or Email to reserve your once in a decade + opportunity.

Snow levels in the areas of Wyoming where we will be taking you are 10 to 25 percent below long term averages.  The Upper North Platte River valley is 24 percent of long term average and our CutSlam area is about 10 percent low.   While there may be a little more snow yet this season, for all practical purposes

Streamside Adventures
the summers water levels and prime fishing times are set.


For STREAM SIDE ADVENTURES, the season in the Upper North Platte River Valley will start at the end of June and run through the the middle of July.  This is a relatively narrow window of opportunity for you to take advantage of.  He who hesitates is lost.  You don't want to miss out on this kind of fishing!

Streamside Adventures


Our season for the Wyoming CutSlam Adventure will run from the 21st of July through the 1st of August.  This Adventure takes you to some of the most awe inspiring areas of Northwest Wyoming.  Beyond the majestic Tetons be prepared to see grizzly bears, bison, moose and maybe even a wolf!   Of course you will also catch some great Cutthroats! 
Streamside Adventures
Watch the video and see what you think   We don't guarantee you will complete the CutSlam but no one has ever failed when fishing with us! 

Streamside Adventures

Both of these fisheries are truly world class.  Our available dates fill quickly.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to have STREAM SIDE ADVENTURES guide you to a memorable fly fishing experience.  Lock in your dates immediately by giving us a call at 913-645-1994 or email

                                          VAMPIRE  FLY! 
Stuff happens to me.  Some not so good, but most if it is fantastic.  Recently the folks at Trout Line, a fly shop in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, asked me if I'd be willing to participate in a Fly Fishing contest in the Transylvanian region on May 16th and 17th.  Now I'm not sure how I feel about competitive fly fishing.   But I was invited and it is Romania.  This email reply to my questions sealed the deal:

            "About the contest: the river is called Valea Iadului, and the area

             is up from the village caleed Remeti. On google maps the coordonates  

             are:  46.845546,22.655096.   This is a small river, with trout and grayling.

             And during the evening... oh, we use to have few beers or glasses of wine,

             and to talk and have fun. Almost all of us speak English, so the language is  

             not a problem. This could be a good opportunity to make a lot of friends :)"


How cold I turn down an offer like that!   So on the 11th of May I'm off.   Anyone have a Vampire Fly suggestion?  

We've added a lot of addresses to our mailing list in the last few months.  A big THANKS to all of you who want to be connected with us.  For you new folks, and old timers as well, here are some links to places you might enjoy:
      Newsletter Archive       
      Youtube channel
      Trout By A Hair
      Tips and Techniques

Thanks again and please contact us at 913-645-1994 or if we can help you with any aspect of fly fishing.

Norm Crisp