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August 20, 2012 Mailing from Streamside Adventures


It was a dry hot summer out West!  Fishing was tough with low water levels, high water temperatures and rampant wildfires.  But we made the best of it and ended up having a good summer, catching some great fish and fishing with a few new friends!

 Norm and tony the moose
Last year was a heavy snow year and this year's levels were near record lows.  We had been keeping track of snow water content levels all winter long so we knew we would have to start earlier than most years and the season would be over sooner.   We were out west on the 20th of June and were home on the 5th of August.  Many of the people we meet, at the end of our trip, were rather disappointed with their success even though they had fishing early August for years.   They just hadn't figured on the conditions being very different this year. 
Back in March, right after I returned from Chile, a Wyoming rancher contacted me and asked if I would be interested in bring some folks over to fish about a mile and a half of river that runs through his hay meadows.  The section is just about an hour from Encampment.  We went and "test fished" it.  And as this picture and video clip shows it
was worth the drive!

Private water
I am thrilled to say we now have access to this exceptional piece of water!  Despite low water levels and slightly warm temperatures it was one of those truly memorable days.  Every transition from a riffle into a run or pool produced one big fish after another.  More than a few were in the 24 inch range. 

Next year when you fish with us in the Encampment area we can take you over there for a chance to get in on the great action. 



Several years ago while fishing Patagonia I had the good fortunate to meet Gerlof Van de Berg, the owner of Go-Fario.  I have had the opportunity to fish with some great fisherman and Gerlof is one of the "best of the best."

While in Holland for the Dutch FlyFair and to fish for pike with Gerlof, I managed to convince him that he should come over to the US this summer to experience first hand what fly fishing of the beaten track in the American west is like and do some guiding for us.

Gerlof and Go-Fario will represent STREAM SIDE ADVENTURES in Europe, by  providing advise and guide services for STREAM SIDE ADVENTURES clients interested in fishing in Europe, organizing and hosting fly fishing trips for Europeans with STREAM SIDE ADVENTURES and guiding for us.


  picture of slashes

We are happy to say that we had more people, including the actress Connie Cooper, complete the Wyoming CUTSLAM with us this year than in any previous year .   And while we don't guarantee that if you come with us you will complete the SLAM, we can tell you that everyone who has come with us has been a winner!


Congratulations to this years additions to Wyoming's CUTSLAM certificate winners:

Connie Cooper                           Fred Sharp

Maria Clark                                Todd Humphrey  

Gerlof Van de  Berg                   Jerry Knight

                           Travis Knight 


If you have always wanted to do the CUTSLAM, make 2013 the year to do it.  We will be announcing the dates for our 2013 CUTSLAM schedule in a few months. 


nf encampment

Wyoming's Upper North Platte River valley is one of just a few locations where you can catch a wild Brook, Brown, Rainbow, and Cutthroat Trout in one day - if you know which streams to fish.  With over 25 years experience in the area, STREAM SIDE ADVENTURES knows the streams to fish.  To add a bit of a challenge, we do it with just a single fly!  Want to take the challenge?   Join us next summer and make it happen. 


This summer three anglers completed the challenge.  Congratulations to Clark Hollander, Carl Hebert, and Gerlof Van de Berg.



I didn't make it to Mongolia last year but this year is going to be different!    I have my ticket, made my arrangements for a vehicle/w driver and developed a tentative routeI'm going to be there for 16 days starting on the 11th of September.  I'll be doing a lot of fishing, camping along the way and staying with locals in their gers when I can.  If all goes as planned, we will be offering a Mongolian Adventure in 2013.

Of course I'll be taking my SPOT with me to check in along the way.  My locations get posted on my Facebook page.  If you want to see where I'm fishing we need to be friends!

                                                CHILE IN 2013!

If you have been thinking and dreaming about fly fishing in Chile, 2013 is the year to make it happen.   The fishing in Chile is some of the best in the world.  Add to that beautiful locations and friendly people and you will have the trip of your life.
Norm and Gerlof.mpg

We keep our trips within the price range of the ordinary fly fishers by minimizing our overhead.  We stay with a local Chilean family and fish smaller streams that are seldom if ever fished.  

Our 2013 season will be between January 23rd and March 2nd. 
Contact us for more information.

October is shaping up to be busy.   On October 4th we will be making our presentation "Missouri Trout Fishing Alternative" to the Flatland Fly Fishers in Wichita, KS. 

On the 5th and 6th we will be doing 4 seminars at the FFF Southern Council Conclave in Mountain Home, AR.  On Friday the 5th at 1:00 we will present "Fly Fishing Strategies" and at 4:00  "
Fishing Midges."  On the 6th at 11:00 we will present "
I made the what?" and at 3:00  "Traveling and Fly Fishing."  

                                    PROGRAMS AND SEMINARS

If your club or organization is looking for a speaker or is planning a special educational event, we can help.  We have presented programs throughout the US at FFF Conclaves, fly fishing club meetings and in Europe.  Our unique combination of scientific training and years of wide ranging fly fishing experiences allows us to bring something special to your organization.  One of our programs will be just right for you.  Contact us for details and to get us on your schedule.
List of seminars

presentatin example.mp4
This clip is from our program at the Dutch Fly Fair.

If you have suggestions for material you would like us provide to improve your fishing success, would like to join us on a trip either here in the US or in Chile, or if your club or organization is looking for a speaker either call us at 913-645-1994 or contact us through our web site.



Norm Crisp


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