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April 10, 2012 Mailing from Streamside Adventures

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Avon Walk For Breast Cancer 



We have been busy in Chile since our last newsletter.  We returned to the states on March 7th after 51 day in Patagonia.  Not long after getting home we were off to the Sowbug Roundup to give a presentation and then a two day trip for Missouri's wild trout.   


Next up are more wild trout trips and then off to Texas for the Trout Unlimited Guadalupe River Chapter Spring Meeting on April 28.  Of course I'll take a bit of time while I'm there to go into the Texas Hill Country and catch some Guadalupe River bass.  


On May 10th I'm off to the Netherlands for the Dutch Fly Fair where I'll be talking about fishing small stream and planning a fishing trip.  I'm going over a week early to fish with my Dutch friends Gerlof, Will and Robert.    


Don't worry I'll be ready for you to come fish with us in Wyoming's Upper North Platte River Valley or to do the Wyoming cutSlam. 

CHILE 2012
chile 2012 
"It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times." Charles Dickens

Those opening lines from Dickens' Tale of Two Cites  sum up our 2012 season in Chile.  But, all in all, there was more best of times with a lot of good fish from beautiful locations.  All of our previous streams fished great and we added a few new streams to our fishing locations. 

Late in the season the weather turned cool and rainy and a strike over the governments decision to build dams on Rio Baker reduced fuel supplies.  Those thing made it a bit harder but added to the adventure. 



Snow levels throughout most of the west are very low this spring.  Runoff has started in many locations and will be over quickly.  Once runoff ends water levels will drop to late summer levels and fishing will slow appreciably.  If you have flexibility in scheduling your trip, we suggest yo head out early this year.

                    WYOMING'S UPPER NORTH PLATTE
.snow level French creek
Snow levels in the Upper North Platte River Valley are similar to those throughout the rest of the west.  In a word - LOW!  This graph of snow water levels on North French Creek is typical of the entire North Platte River Basin.   What these snow levels mean is that the prime time to fish with us is going to be much earlier than in typical years. 

We still have some time available in late June through the middle of July.  Give us a call at 913-645-1994 or e-mail us at to let us know when you want to fish.   We want you to have a chance to enjoy the great fishing this great area has to offer.  
E and doug

This summer STREAM SIDE ADVENTURES will again be offering our Wyoming CutSlam Adventure  The CutSlam is a challenge to catch and release each of Wyoming 4 species of Cutthroat Trout, the Yellowstone Cut, Bear River Cut, Fine Spot Cut, and the Colorado River Cut.     


The 2012 CutSlam trips are between July 21st and July 30th.  While of course we can't guarantee your success, we can tell you that every angler who has participated in our CutSlam Adventure has been awarded a CutSlam certificate by the State of Wyoming. in August.   Check your schedules so you won't miss out on these great all inclusive trips.  



As you may remember, I had made arrangements to travel to Mongolia last September.  I didn't make the trip.  In August my partner Kathy Bisbee had to have a lumpectomy.  Being home for her was more important than the trip. Mongolia is still there and my plan is to make the trip this September.  I can do it because Kathy is doing fine.  In fact she is going to participate in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer this July in San Francisco.  If you would like to learn more about the walk and be a sponsor, visit Kathy's web page. .  Wouldn't it be nice if we could make Casting for Recovery a thing of the past!


It is so heartening to see interest developing for Missouri's Wild Rainbow Trout!  Since the last newsletter I've presented a program on Missouri's wild trout to a joint meeting of the Oklahoma Chapter of Trout Unlimited and the Tulsa Fly Fishers, The Mid-South Fly Fishers in Memphis, Bass Pro in Olathe, North Kansas City Fly Fishers and at the Sowbug Roundup.  After each presentation I hear the same thing: "I didn't know that!"  


If your organization would like to lean more about Missouri's wild trout fishing opportunities or any of our other fly fishing programs call or e-mail about availability. 

If you have suggestions for material you would like us provide to improve your fishing success, would like to join us on a trip either here in the US or in Chile, or if your club or organization is looking for a great speaker either call us at 913-645-1994 or contact us through our web site.


Norm Crisp


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