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Catch of the Summer - 2009

Current River in MissouriEvery summer there is one catch that is particularly memorable for both our clients and for Stream Side Adventures.  Sometimes it is a big fish, sometimes it a fish that has been taunting us for most of the season.  This year it wasn’t a fish at all and it was special for both our clients and for the entire Stream Side Adventures team.   This year’s catch of the season was Stream Side Adventures’ newest team member, Sarah Dominic.

When we first meet Sarah last summer we know we had what we look for in a guide:  skill, enthusiasm and a great personality.   Sensing something special, we put her to the test.   Take her “combat wadding “on French Creek, we picked our way up the creek while she literally jumped from rock to rock.  Tell her, after a long day on the stream, that the bridge trout was chasing caddis and she grabbed her rod and was peering into the water plotting her approach.   

We had no qualms about sending her out on her own as our “cutthroat guide” and she rose to the opportunity like a true professional.   Her first party was thrilled with the day they had as their testimonial attests:

Current River in Missouri"New Stream Side Adventures guide, Sarah Dominic, was given the task of escorting Kevin and me on our first day of guided fishing on this year’s trip to the Encampment River area of Wyoming. We found out later it was also Sarah’s first guide trip. Not to worry, she handled the day’s guiding duties like a true professional.  If you want to catch 15 – 18 inch Colorado Cutthroats in a beautiful mountain meadow tail water Sarah knows just the spot. Thanks Sarah for a memorable day in Wyoming."
Ron & Kevin

During one of our campfire dinners, another client heard Ron and Kevin talking about the day they had and decided to fish an extra day if he could go out with Sarah.   Ryan came back not only raving about the fishing but about her ability to tie a fly on in a seconds.Current River in Missouri

"I have never fished this stretch of water before and Sarah took the time to teach me the nuances of each bend in the river.  She put me on the fish within a few minutes of entering the river using a dropper but we were both hoping to find fish that were rising.  We got our chance midway through the morning and I have never seen anyone tie on a dry fly faster than she did.  Sarah was the utmost professional even when I kept missing fish or hanging my fly in the trees.  The experience that day was one I will never forget and I owe the whole experience to Sarah." Ryan Votaw

A big fish is a nice catch of the season.  But we all agree that in future years there will be a lot of big fish caught because of this years “Catch of the Season” Stream Side Adventures’ guide Sarah Dominic!

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