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November 4, 2014 Mailing from Streamside Adventures

Streamside Adventures
Streamside Adventures
                                      FINAL LOSE OF INNOCENCE

Several years ago I started writing a couple of short stories.  Writing a short story isn't all that hard.  While maybe that is a bit misleading.  For me, everything up until the last paragraph flowed relatively smoothly.  Ending the story is the hard part.  This story sat in my computer for longer than it should have.  But I finally figured out how to end it.  I hope you enjoy it.


                                               FINAL LOSS OF INNOCENCE 


In many respects I never was what you would call a "believer." I was always rather skeptical and asked a lot of questions. I debunked most of the great myths of life at a relatively early age. Even with childlike innocence if you look just a little below the surface, you will see the fallacy of most of the myths. I didn't want to stop believing in Santa Claus, after all it would be traumatic to Mon and Dad. But how could anyone believe that some guy could travel around the world in one night dropping of presents along the way. Hell, it's nearly impossible to fly to Chicago and have both your flight arrive on time and your baggage not get lost. I knew it would be tough on my folks but they had to get real. The same went for the Tooth Fairy and the really dumb one, "eggplant is good!" For almost 50 years there was one truth that had stood the test of time. Finding out that I had been misleading myself for all those years was even more painful than being dumped by my first teenage heart throb.


Read the rest of story to find out this one last myth!  


Feel free to leave your comments


                                     CICADA UPDATE

With this rare fly fishing opportunity fast approaching, we feel that we have an obligation to all of you to help make this a truly memorable Missouri fly fishing experience.  So we have been working overtime to make sure we knew where to take you.  We have been pouring over brood maps to pinpoint the streams with the most potential.  We have also made the sacrifice of going to these streams and test fishing them.  We want to be sure that we know where in these streams the best trout are living.  Our sacrifice will pay off.  We know where there are some very very nice trout waiting to be caught.

Streamside Adventures
If you won't be able to fish the Cicadas hatch, maybe you would like to come with us now and beat the rush.  Call 913 -645-1994 or Email to join us now or to reserve you spot for the end of May through early June Cicada hatch.  Available days are getting limited.

If you don't want to get miss out on some great fishing in Missouri, Wyoming's Upper North Platte Valley or our CutSlam Adventure, call us at 913-645-1994 or email    We can help you with any aspect of your fly fishing adventure.

Norm Crisp