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June 3, 2013 Mailing from Streamside Adventures

Last summer we had the opportunity to "test fish" a little over a mile of private water on the Little Snake River near Dixon, WY.  It was fantastic!  The owners, Duncan Cattle Company, told us that the only ones who fish this section are a few local kids that sneak on the river if they think no one will catch them.  Almost all the land upstream of this section of the Little Snake is private, including the world famous Three Forks Ranch.
Private water
Private water
Big trout don't respect property lines.   More than a few of the Pamper trout from Three Forks Ranch have been nice enough to swim down the Little Snake to the Duncan family's section.

We have finalized our agreements with The Duncan family and are ready to take you to this special new venue. 
Be one of just a few people to fish this portion of the Little Snake River, without paying Three Forks prices!  The number of rods will be limited!  Call  913-645-1994 or e-mail us for details about your dates. 

Norm Crisp 

PS - Don't forget about our "AFFORDABLE MONGOLIA ADVENTURE" coming this September.   Visit the Mongolia Section of our web site for more information and don't forget to watch the video

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