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April 16, 2013 Mailing from Streamside Adventures

Streamside Adventures

Spring is finally here.  I think!  In the month I've been back from Patagonia it has snowed, there has been a frost or two and rained.  I shouldn't be complaining about the rain.  Our Missouri wild trout needed relief from the drought conditions.  But the rain made the streams too high to safely fish.  I've had to go just about a month without fishing!  Thankfully a fishing emergency was sounded by my fishing buddy Gerlof.  He said he needed help with some BIG Brook Trout in Argentina.   I'm off to his rescue this Wednesday, the 17th.

This emergency means I won't be able to be at Rainbow Fly Shop on the 20th for the "Nymph Fishing Techniques" seminar we had planned.  Matt the owner, understands a fly fishing emergency.  We will be re-scheduling it for sometime in mid-May.

I will be back from educating Argentinian Brook Trout in time to participate in the Natchitoches Fishing Expo.  I'm looking forward to talking to you about what I've learned - more often than not the hard way - about traveling and trout fishing.  
Streamside Adventures

By this time each year we can be fairly certain that most area's of the West will have received their maximum winter snow pac.   This years levels, while better than last year are still substantially less than the long term average.   Based on the snow levels we are now ready to set our guide for the 2013 season.


The 2013 season in the Upper North Platte River Valley will run from the 17th of June through the 12th July.   Last year's fishing was great during this same time period and we are sure that this year's season will meet or exceed last year's.


Don't miss out on your chance to fishing this great area with us.  Available dates will fill very quickly.
Pick your time and call or e-mail us.


Streamside Adventures

One of the questions we frequently get about our CutSlam Adventures is about the lodging.   People want to know if we will be camping.   You will be staying in rustic forest cabins within walking distance of some of the streams we will be taking you to fish.  Rustic means that most are just a single room with bunk beds, a dining table, kitchen facilities and a simple indoor bath room.  None of them have electricity but all are equipped with propane lighting, a propane stove and a propane refrigerator.  Oh yes, the shower has hot water from a propane water heater!  


These cabins are strategically located to give us great access to the cutthroat streams.   And the kitchen facilities mean you will have some great meals.


If you want to add more species from their native range to your life list, join us on this adventure.

Call us at 913-645-1994 or e-mail us at to select your days.


Available September 4th - September 25th, 2013
Streamside Adventures

As we've been talking with people at fly shows and other events about this fantastic opportunity to see an area that is seldom visited and fished, several questions keep coming up about the trip.  Number one is generally about getting there and number two is how demanding will this trip be? Here is some information to go along with our Mongolia FAQ's

Getting to Mongolia:

How Much is the Air Fare:  We can't give you a definitive answer to that question since the air fare will depend on where you start from.   A recent search of round trip fares indicated that from various airports in the US (Memphis, Dallas, Denver and New York to name a few) they ranged from about $1,700 to $2,400.   From Europe fares are between $1,100 and $1,300.


How Long is the Trip:  Total travel time (both flight and layover) is about 24 hours for US departures.  The long segments across the Pacific are about half of the total travel time.  From Europe, total trip times are about 12 hours.


Who Flies to MongoliaFrom the US, Korean Airlines, Asian Airlines, Air China, American and United provide service to Ulan Bator.  There is no direct service.  American offers 1 stop service from Dallas and Korean Airlines offers 1 stop service from Atlanta.  All flights connect in Seoul or Beijing. From Europe Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, Air China and Korean Airlines offer service.



Trip demands:

Strength:  There are no special strength requirements to participate in this STREAM SIDE ADVENTURE program.  The ability to carry a small light weight day pack and other personal gear is all that will be required of you.


Personal ComfortWith this STREAM SIDE ADVENTURE program you need to be prepared for a moderate degree of personal discomfort.  We will be camping, including sometimes sleeping on sleeping pads on the ground or staying in Gers (also known as Yurts).  We will have simple but effective sanitary facilities, sufficient but limited hot water/shower facilities and periods of travel over rough terrain and roads.


Stamina:  This STREAM SIDE ADVENTURE program requires a moderate degree of physical stamina.  Participants should be able to walk, occasionally, up to three miles a day over somewhat rough footing.  Participants should be able to wade in water with a moderate current occasionally up to 24 or more inches deep.  


Other Considerations:  The areas visited with this program are remote and isolated.  Communication from the area is limited.  A satellite phone is available for emergency use only. This trip involves a great deal of close interactions with the local residents and their culture. Participants must be prepared to accept these differences and not expect or demand acceptance of our cultural norms.  A quote from Ted Warren during a meal in Chile sums it up:  "Order what you want and eat what you get."


mongolia fly fishing

If we don't see you at the Natchitoches Fishing Expo, we'll see you this summer in Wyoming or this September in Mongolia.

If there is something in this newsletter that you think someone you know might enjoy, please share it with them.  All you have to do is click on the "Forward this email" link at the bottom of the page.


Norm Crisp 

Book a trip by May 1st, 2013 and save 10% on either an Upper North Platte River Valley or a Wyoming CutSlam Adventure.

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