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November 27, 2012 Mailing from Streamside Adventures

I've been busy since our last newsletter with a trip to Mongolia - by way of Holland for some more pike fishing.  Let me get you cauth up on what I've been doing and the things I'm working on.

This past September I finally made the trip that I had planned for last year.  It was well worth the wait.  Mongolia is a truly amazing country, to say nothing about its size!  One of the primary purposes of my trip was to explore the fishing opportunities and potential for future expeditions.  That meant having to cover a lot of the country side and check out several rivers.  The distances were well worth it.  I saw a beautiful land
mongolia picture overview

that in many ways could have been Montana or Wyoming.  And I meet fantastic people.  You can view a few more pictures on the web site. and check out a great recipe for Marmot .
mongolia fly fishing

So what about the fishing?  All the areas we fished were good but one area stands out from the rest, the Arig and Uur river drainage.  This an area much like Wyoming's Upper North Platte river valley that, thank goodness, doesn't get the respect it deserves.  We often joke about rivers that are seldom if ever fished but this area truly meets that definition.  Besides this video you can view more fishing pictures
River Arig
This past September's trip will not be my last trip to the land of the Khann. I'm happy to say that in September of 2013 STREAM SIDE ADVENTURES, in partnership with New Milestone Tours will be offering you an Affordable Mongolian Fly Fishing Adventure.

It might just be the start of the holiday season but it isn't to early to start thinking about and planing you 2013 fishing season.  Our planning is well underway.  In fact we started months ago to get prepared for the 2013 season in Patagonia.  And, we are doing some early season preparations for our Upper North Platte season and for our CUTSLAM Adventures. Our resent blog post on planning a summer tripis a great place to start

Of all the suggestions in this Blog entry, the most important thing you can be doing is getting in the habit of watching the mountain west snow levels.  It is easy.  Just bookmark the SNOTEL site and keep visiting it to see how snow levels are progressing.  If you have the flexibility in your schedule to wait until April to decide on the timing of your trip do it!  By then you can be very confident in knowing what summer flows will be like.

There are several other tip that make the blog entry worth reading. And of course if you have any questions or want advise or help with your 2013 season just contact us.  Our experience throughout the west can make the difference between a good year and a great year.

                                  TIPS AND TECHNIQUES

Over the past year, I've been putting "Tips and Techniques" on my blog rather than send them to my web master to put on the web site.  Yes I'm frugal and can do it cheaper that way.  But there is no free lunch.  What good does it do to have valuable information if it isn't been seen!  So I had a link between my blog Tips and Techniques and the web site installed.  Here are the links to the Tips.

Pressure, Rain, Stream Levels and Fly Fishing:  When most fly fishers think about any weather related aspect of their time on the water, generally atmospheric pressure is the first thing that comes to mind.  Much has been written about pressure and fishing, including a little ditty like "Wind from the west - Fishing best - Wind from the east - Fishing least."  Like so many axioms, there is a degree of truth to it. 

Nymph Fishing Tips and Techniques: Strike Indicators. Nymph fishing techniques, in general and more specifically strike indicators, will generate as much heated discussion among fly fishers as any topic: to use an indicator or not to use one, which type of indicator to use, and where to place the indicator on the leader. Every nympher will have a different opinion on these nymph fishing nuances. Like most things in life, the best choices are situational.

Dry Fly Fishing Tips and Techniques:  Assume the Position! Finding fishy locations is relatively simple. This is especially true on small streams. Find that place that meet a trout's need for protection from the current, protection from predators and is near a steady food supply and you are at the right location. Or, if you're on the stream when the fish are rising the fish are doing all the work for you. When all else fails you can do as we suggest and "Fish the edges, the ledges and the foam going past the rock."

Floods and Fly Fishing. High flows are generally not a significant problem for fish in the stream. Cold water fish like trout have evolved in a system of periods of very high flow associated with snow melt runoff. Sure some are lost by getting stranded in backwater pools that become isolated as the high water recedes. But most escape the current associated with high runoff flows the same way they escape them in their everyday existence.  

                             A DIFFERENT SIDE OF FLY FISHING

We have always said the fly fishing "renews your spirit and refreshes your soul."  I do know that while I'm on the stream I am more in focus with myself and the world than about any other time.  But I've never been able to express the feelings.  As an a-religious person, for years I've wrestled with exactly what "spirituality"  means.  While I'm still not sure of what it means I have found some great words that express the other aspects of fly fishing.  I invite you to visit Rabbi Eric Eisenkrame's blog.

If you are int he Kansas City area come by Rainbow Fly Shop (4621 S. Sthrank Drive in Independence, MO) on the morning of December 1st.  I'll be there to talk about Missouri Trout Fishing Opportunities .  If there are other things you want to visit about I'll be happy to answer as many questions as I can.

As always, if there is anything you would like to see in our newsletter, on the blog or if you would like a speaker for a club meeting or event let us know. 


Norm Crisp 

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