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June 4, 2012 Mailing from Streamside Adventures

What's new?

My trip to the Netherlands for the Dutch FlyFair was far more rewarding than I had expected.  The attendance and interest at the show was great.  Everyone was so amazed at how much public land we have in the United States to fish.  I think we take it for granted.  I could have expected to pay 70 Euros a day - about $85.00 - to fish on a small section of stocked stream in Germany.  And that wouldn't include a fishing permit.  I opted for pike fishing in the numerous canal of Holland.  I wish I hadn't.  Now I'm infected with the pike bug!
Pike fishing in Holland

Our program on small stream fishing (click the link to view a snippet) was very well received.  Many of those in attendance are planning holiday trips to Scandinavia or Slovenia.  Beyond the famous large rivers both areas have many small and lightly fished streams.   And, having been dubbed the "grootmeester" - Dutch for Grand Master - of small streams fishing by Gerlof van den Berg, one of Holland's most famous ad well respected fly fishermen, there were a lot of folks present and a lot of great questions.

And now it about time to head west for the summer.  We are going about three week earlier than usual this year because of the winter's low snow pac and high spring temperatures.  If you have already planned your trip for August you may be disappointed.  As you start planning next years trip, this article might help make sure you arrive at the best time to fish.   And of course we are always available to answer any of your questions about trip planning or any aspect of fly fishing.  Just e-mail us at or give us a call at 913-645-1994. 

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